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  27-28-29-30 LUGLIO 2017

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Welcome to EO2017!

eo2017 logo200The European Open is one of the most important events in agility's world, despite the name referring only to Europe over 40 countries from four different continents enrolled to compete. United States, Canada, Brasil, Columbia, China, Japan, Australia are amongst the team that entered the EO 2017 competition.

EO 2017 is organised by ENCI (Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana) in collaboration with Comune di Salice Terme and Terme di Salice society, and it will not only be a great sporting event but also an important social one. Salice Terme will, indeed, transform itself in a big “arena” where agility lovers from all over the world will meet. The agility world's Babel: an important competition but also a great opportunity to get together and share the same passion with agility lovers form other countries of the world.

On friday the 28th and saturday the 29th of July 900 dogs and their handlers will compete for the title of European Open Champion, while on sunday the 30th of July 40 teams will face in the most spectacular competition: four agility fields will be joined together to give rise to an articulate relay race that will crown the European Champion Team.

Despite the fact that EO is a FCI's event, it is “open” so every dog can enrol: purebred dogs and mixed breeds too; this fact highlights the interest and attention that ENCI puts in the world of dog sports, which fits together with that in the selection of breeds.

Agility dog is fascinating but also very complex and it has a strong technical part requiring preparation, concentration and most of all a great understanding between the dog and its handler. A total harmony is required to reach the top level of performance that the dogs and handlers that will attend EO 2017 are capable to produce. Behind those performances there are years of continuous training and dedication, there is a harmony that needs to be improved through game and positive reinforcement to reach the perfect understanding. Agility is a sport so, obviously, both dog and handler must like it and have fun in doing it, this is the only way to reach the top level.

Italy is the organising country so it will display the most copious contingent: Vittorio Papavero -Italy Team's selector- picked 60 dogs and handlers that will try their best to win in Salice Terme.


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